Wisconsin County Treasurers' Association

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Future Conferences:
WCCO Conference
Dates:  March 5th-7th
Madison Concourse, Madison, WI
Contact: Sharon A Martin, WCCO Treasurer
Sharon.martin@co.washington.wi.us 262-306-2225
June 2018 - Brown County
Dates:  June 5th-8th, 2018
Hyatt Regency, 333 Main St. Green Bay, WI 
Contact: Paul Zeller, Brown County Treasurer zeller_pd@co.brown.wi.us
October 2018 - Vilas County
Dates: October 17-19, 2018 , Eagle River, WI
Contact: Jerri Radtke, Vilas County Treasurer, jeradt@co.vilas.wi.us
Reservation Block under WCTA until 9/16/2018, Wild Eagle Lodge, 1-877-945-3965
$50 deposit, tax exempt number and name(s) of occupants all required at time of reservation.
5-One Bedroom Units $91 per night
25-Two Bedroom Units $144 per night (double occupancy required)
5-three Bedroom Units @ $168.00 per night (triple occupancy required)
All rates are 2017 state rate-subject to change in 2018.